Iironman Tallinn 20222

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Swimming will take place in the Lake of Harku. Athletes make one 3,8 km laps. There will be 19 buoys to help you keep on track. 7 big buoys are numbered. They don’t give you the exact distance, but if you study the swim course map, you’ll see where the numbered (1-7) buoys are, and you can use them to estimate how much you’ve swam and how much there’s left.

The bike course is unique, with a nice mix of city and countryside. The two-loop cycling course starts at Lake Harku, then you cycle in the southern villages, head back to Tallinn border and go on the second lap or head to transition area 2 in Seaplane Harbour. There are 6 aid stations.

IRONMAN Tallinn’s run course is challenging and has picturesque views to Tallinn Bay. It takes you from Seaplane Harbour to the edge of Old Town. The 42.2 km course is a 4-lap run and has 17 Aid Stations. The finish is at the Seaplane Harbour.
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