How to speed up your Time Machine backups

What it means to speed up Time Machine and slow down other operations

The Terminal command used to speed up Time Machine essentially disables the program's throttling mechanism. It frees it up to gobble up CPU, and subsequently slow down the rest of your computer. If you were to forget to revert back to your original settings, you could really screw up your Mac's performance. It is essential that you follow the steps to revert back to your normal CPU activity.

How to speed up Time Machine so it backs up your data faster

If you are a constant-on Time Machine user, you won't even notice when a scheduled backup is taking place. That's because Time Machine is designed to work quietly and slowly in the background. Most of your regular backups are incremental and therefore don't need much power. If you only back up your Mac once per week (or longer), Time Machine has a lot more work to do, but still runs quietly and slowly in the background. Using this Terminal command, you will disable the disk operation throttling so Time Machine will run faster.

Click on the Spotlight Search icon at the top right of your computer.

1) In the box, type in Terminal.
2) Hit Return on your keyboard to activate Terminal.
3) Type sudo sysctl debug.lowpri\_throttle_enabled=0 or copy and paste the command.
5) Hit Enter.
6) Enter your Mac's password.
7) Close Terminal.
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